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Pathway Global is an international practice focused on building human talent for supporting socially responsible, ethical, and faith based financial institutions, from private banking to mass market, from blue ocean expansion, to micro-finance based social inclusion.

Faith based finance considers moral consequences of transactions with the following essential features:

  • No exposure to Riba (exorbitant, unjustified Interest on lending), forbidden by most religious scriptures
  • Transactions based on real assets (Participation based Banking & Responsible Finance)
  • Financing involving environmentally friendly, ethically and socially responsible activities
  • Equitable risk and reward sharing amongst all parties, with mutual consent, without exploitation
  • No exposure to harmful, anti-social business activities involving Liquor, Pork, Pornography, Destructive Weapons, etc.

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Pathway Global based in Michigan, USA, is a Practical Training and Advisory firm providing high quality Business, IT,  Finance & Responsible Banking training and consulting in USA and across the world.  

We specialize in preparing young graduates and career changers with real world job skills for better paying jobs as Financial Analysts and Ethically Responsible Bankers.​ We offer high quality custom designed solutions for clients in IT, financial services and education. Our world class trainers and consultants help organizations develop and launch new Responsible Banking & Ethical Finance products, IT systems, innovative FinTech Microfinance and Corporate Training solutions.

We are committed to delivering excellent products and services to our customers across the globe. Our approach to business is simply based on two core themes:    

“Our duty as your professional service provider;

and your right as our valued customer”.

Pathway Global, LLC

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Finance Training services to Financial Institutions, Corporations & Regulatory Authorities, internationally.




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Practical Training courses and Corporate Trainings in Finance principles, contracts, operations and products.

We can convert any product, service, or procedure according to Faith-compliant standards for your peace of mind.